August 17, 2014
"Every generation has introduced Water-type Pokémon whose names begin with S: Seel (I), Suicune (II). Swampert (III), Shellos (IV), Samurott (V), Skrelp (VI)."

Water (Type)

August 11, 2014
"Sohnano is nearly homophonous with the phrase そうなの sō na no, which means, “Really?” or “Is that so?” with only a difference in tone. It is played off by its evolution, Wobbuffet, whose Japanese name of Sonans is homophonous with the interjection そうなんす sō na-n-su, which roughly means, “That’s the way it is.” Together, they make for a potential perpetual conversation of, “Really?” followed by, “That’s the way it is,” and so on."

August 7, 2014
"If one was to rearrange the Pokérap GS so all the Pokémon are in National Pokédex order, Remoraid would remain in its position in the song."

August 3, 2014
"If the Pokémon is traded as an ‘M (00) or 3TrainerPoké $, it is actually an unstable hybrid of ‘M (00) or 3TrainerPoké $ and the actual glitch Pokémon, with the actual Pokémon as the recipient and the ‘M (00) or 3TrainerPoké $ as the donor. To stabilize an unstable hybrid Pokémon, a Pokémon can be evolved (in the way the recipient would), traded to Pokémon Stadium 2, or deposited and withdrawn from Pokémon Day Care. A stabilized hybrid will be the species and level of the recipient Pokémon (or its evolved form if it was evolved), but have the stats, nickname, and moves of the donor. Once stabilized, the Pokémon can be traded to the Generation II games."

August 2, 2014
"In the Pokémon franchise there are several canons, sharing elements and concepts among them, most notably the existence of Pokémon."

August 1, 2014
"Using the Vs. Seeker does not temporarily lower the volume of any current background music, such as Cynthia’s theme, when playing the Piano in the Villa of Pokémon Platinum."

July 31, 2014
"Fire is literally fire."

July 30, 2014
"In Pokémon Battle Revolution, if Magnezone is caused to fall asleep, its central “eye” remains open. The outer eyes, however, close.
This is reversed in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2."

July 29, 2014
"After evolution, Magneton becomes exactly ten times heavier than it was as Magnemite. Logically, it would be three times heavier if it were actually made of three Magnemite. Magnemite weighs 6.0 kg, or 13.23 lbs, while Magneton weighs 60.0 kg, or 132.3 lbs."

July 28, 2014
"Alternatively, it may come from beluga whale."