May 31, 2014
"In the anime, characters change their clothes when they go swimming. However, when a player dives underwater in the games, the player is still wearing their normal outfit."

May 30, 2014
"Both Articuno and Beartic’s names are derived from a real-world location, the Arctic."

May 28, 2014
"[Lysandre] is the only character in the games to have the Trainer class Team Flare Boss."

May 27, 2014
"Every Electric-type move introduced in Generation I began with the word Thunder."

May 19, 2014
"""Snap" may come from "snapshot" or the onomatopoeia of a camera shutter.""

May 18, 2014
"Uxie is based after a pixie or a fairy and the color yellow."

May 17, 2014
"According to a Bulbagarden Forums poll, one person liked the special, 17 people said it was OK, 15 people hated most of the voices, and 30 hated the new voices altogether (as of April 30th at 1:19 PM ET)."

May 16, 2014


Tracey ♥ Dawn

They are the only ones of Ash’s friends who are only children*.
They are the only ones of Ash’s friends not to be, in some way, related to the Gym Leader position*.

*This is only an assumption as there is no information on Tracey’s family.

Alternate names
OrangepearlShipping (unofficial)

Name origins
Beam is derived from Dawn’s Japanese name and Tracey’s personality. Hikari means light, relative to the term “beam of light,” and Tracey is a positive person who smiles to the point that he often ‘beams’.


May 15, 2014
"…As the skeletal systems for the majority of Pokémon have yet to be revealed, it is unknown if they are meant to be the bones of a specific Pokémon."

May 14, 2014
"MechaMew2 is based on Mewtwo, another Pokémon whose creation was ordered by Giovanni. It destroys itself at the end of the show after learning an attack of love, caring, and friendship."