September 15, 2014
"In Pokémon X and Y, Elgyem and Beheeyem can learn Steel Wing from TM51. This is likely due to an oversight; in Generation V, TM51 contained Ally Switch, and the Pokémon are only available from Poké Transporter."

September 11, 2014
"Despite being the leader of Team Aqua, an organization with water-centric goals, none of his Pokémon in the games can learn a single Water-type move through level-up in Generation III."

September 9, 2014
"The Cyllage Gym is the only Rock-type Gym where no Trainer uses Geodude at any point."

September 8, 2014
"Both Hurricane and Thunder never miss during heavy rain. This may be a relation to a thunderstorm."

September 2, 2014
"Clothing is generally cosmetic."

August 30, 2014
"Out of the three moves that deal physical damage despite being Special-based, Psyshock is the only one that is not the signature move of a Legendary Pokémon."

August 29, 2014
"There are 5 monuments to be won in total, corresponding to each of the Super challenges, with the color matching that worn by the appropriate Battle Chatelaine (purple in the case of Super Multi Battle)."

August 28, 2014
"In HeartGold and SoulSilver, when the Kimono Girls are summoning the legendary Pokémon, they dance clockwise for Ho-Oh and counter-clockwise for Lugia."

August 25, 2014
"Jirachi is the only Generation III legendary Pokémon that has not yet been featured in any of the Ranger games."

August 21, 2014
"This is the first episode in which a genderless Pokémon falls in love with a main character’s Pokémon."